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COVID-19 Statement

All our products are made and shipped from the UK.

There is no evidence to suggest COVID-19 or Corona Virus can be spread by products according to 'Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'. However we still take the extra precaution by wearing gloves and face masks during the manufacture, packing and shipping processes. We take great care of our products. Our manufacturing plant, storage warehouse and packing room is constantly being cleaned with disinfectant, along with a minimal risk of external contamination.

Before our products are shipped they are sprayed with disinfectant, and packaged.

These measures we have in place put us ahead of the market to ensure our staff, our products and our customers are safer from COVID-19.


We are posting all our product out with Royal Mail until further notice, All orders may take an extra 3-4 working days. We do not delivery on the weekend. If you select a date at checkout, this is not a definite date of delivery, it is an estimate date due to COVID-19