About Us


Houseofroses.uk was inspired by the loved ones around us. We had a clear vision of making people memories to last forever with elegance. Perfectly made with a high standard quality gift to be suited for any types of age category of men and women. From an eternal to natural worlds we have combined our gifts to be perfect to gift a close loved one to value for years to come.

Our gifts are 5-star quality as we pay extra attention to it. Houseofroses.uk rose bears and eternal rose are grown from Spain and Ecuador, this makes it easier for customer to select our company as its proven itself in the best way and we are always in control of the product quality. Our beautiful flowers are the most popular purchase, we have a high quality and fantastic customer service for all our product. The important key of houseofroses.uk is to keep our customer satisfied with their gift quality and service.

We define our company to last forever with the best quality and service. The gift beauty remains as a fabulous journey full of pure and sincere affection.